• 1998

    First Natures Best Cleaners™, 100% dedicated Professional Wet Clean (aka PWC) facility opened.

  • 2000

    • NBC™ Palm Desert opened PWC demonstration facility.
    • NBC ™ demonstrated for the viability of Professional Wet Clean Technology to AQMD Board member
  • 2003

    • NBC ™ Palm Springs opened and signed a service contract for US Marine base.
    • NBC™ Huntington Beach opened PWC demonstration facility. 
    • Edison Company contracted NBC™ for building a new Professional Wetclean Demonstration Center for its energy efficiency.
  • 2004

    NBC™ Peninsular opened PWC demonstration facility.

  • 2007

    • NBC™ established 60 PWC in South Coast AQMD regions.
    • NBC ™ licenses the first Northern California Demonstration facility in Sunnyvale.
  • 2008

    NBC ™ licenses the second Northern California Demonstration facility in Petaluma

  • 2010

    NBC™ built the first 100% dedicated PWC for US Marine base.

  • 2011

    NBC™ operated and demonstrated the viability of PWC for all Branches of US Military uniforms.

  • 2012

    NBC™ Petaluma signed a contract with US Coast Guard for the PWC service.

  • 2013

    NBC ™ established 90 PWC in California. (largest network in the world)

  • 2014

    NBC™ participated and testified at Federal Trade Commissioners for the viability of PWC and its exclusive care label requirements

  • 2016

    NBC™ organized AQUA Wet Clean, LLC to initiate a new PWC standard in Los Angeles Region

  • 2017

    NBC™ becomes a founding member of AQUA Wet Clean, LLC

  • 2019

    NBC™ converted Dry Cleaners in Los Angeles with AQUA™